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albus and scorpius news

welcome to ass_news - your source for all things ass
maintainers | abusing_sarcasm xlovexlolitax brixisxonfire love_stoned0_0
primarily contact abusing_sarcasm .
if you wish to help by co-maintaining please let me know


any icon posts we find anywhere (personal journals - fandom/icon communities) that have even a little bit of as/s will be put up and anything we miss will be welcome for recommendation - and you will find them here. if any warnings are required we will advise.
we will post recommendations to any as/s fanart post - fanart being any handmade or graphical image featuring the ship and whether it comes from community/personaljournal/deviantart/misc, it doesn't bother us. we just want to spread the as/s love.
any work of fiction that is based around the relationship of as/s will be recommended and will be posted with their ratings for your choice and safety. we will also have reviews and star ratings for a work of fanfiction each week.
challenges and updates
any challenges that are based around as/s will be noted here - whether they are fiction/art/graphics etc.

if it's as/s - we love it. ranging from fanmixes through to animations. if we find anything of such awesome proportions - then we will let you know here.
if there is a new ass site or community - we will let you know here!


this community is set to only allow updates to moderators - please do not request posting access
if we miss anything in an update, or you find anything snazy and would like to share it with us, please leave a comment here. all replies to the entry are screened so you need not worry about anyone seeing what you post except for the mods.


if you wish to be affiliated with us - please comment and we will add you.
current layout and banner are by xlovexlolitax [ resources at xlolliexiconsx ]. they are for community use only. the amazing artwork in banner is by draykonis , manipulation by xlovexlolitax .


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